Google always keeps itself busy in thinking of some new feature for its applications and that is a major reason behind the fame of Google and its applications, recently the company has announced that they are planning of rolling out a new feature for Gmail. The company is actually planning for email prioritization that will automatically rearrange the messages in the inbox so that the most important ones come on the top.

The feature is expected to get released as a beta service but now it exists only as an ‘experimental’ service, as announced by the company. The thing which has motivated the company to think over email prioritization is the overload of emails in Gmail and this problem is getting worse by time.

The priority inbox won’t change the previous inbox but it would be an additional, optional view of the inbox messages. People who will select the priority inbox will be able to see other customizable views as well like listing messages according to timestamps or arranging them in alphabetical orders.

So overall Google is planning to facilitate the Gmail a bit more just for the sake of making the competition tough with the other email providing services.

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