Nexus One

As we have reported yesterday about the rumors prevailing about the phone coming from the panel of Google and it was also seen that HTC is expected to bring the first ever phone by Google or rumors were also saying that Google will bring its phones itself. May be Google have understood the desperation from the people and they have finally revealed the online picture of the phone coming to be developed by them. According to official report this phone is named as “Nexus One” and this is also now confirmed that employees were also provided an early version of this handset to test.

Nexus OnePhone by richardmin

This morning has been very pleasant for those who were are restlessly waiting for some official announcement by Google for their phone and we have seen that a picture has been provided this morning to the whole world which shows that the time is not so far when the world will actually see the launch of first ever phone from the Google’s side. It is still a mystery that which platform will be given to this phone either Google’s or the HTC but it is really pleasant that a physical proof of the coming phone has come in front of the whole world.

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