The World Social Networking has been getting the reports of a new social platform by Google that has now named as ‘Google Me’ and one of the biggest threats of this network should go to Facebook as it ruling Social networks nowadays. Facebook has not shown any signs till now that shows that it is nervous at the arrival of this new platform but experts are saying that it could be a threat for Facebook.

One thing that goes in the favor of Facebook is that the previous record of Google in the social networks is really not a very attractive one, you might be aware of the previous social network by Google ‘Orkut’ but it is only famous in some particular countries. For the facilitation of Social Networks Google also brought ‘Google Wave’ and ‘Google Buzz’ but unfortunately both these services failed to come up to the company’s expectations and Google has recently announced the closing of Google Wave.

Now Google is stepping into the world of social networks and it is quite hopeful that it’ll be able to kill the previous status of other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. If you’ll consider the previous reputation of Google in social networks then it can be easily said that Facebook needs not to worry about Google but the being an internet giant Google can bring a blast so lets wait and watch.

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