While there are many players in the market for TV software, Google has decided to step up their foot in the market that is dominated by Amazon, Roku and Apple. Google made an announcement that they are working with several partners to produce several television set-top boxes that will run its Android software. With the help of the new device, consumers will be able to view content, listen to music, and play games directly on their smart televisions. At the moment, Google plans to launch one of the set-top boxes at the Google I/O event.

Although, Google has already tried to enter this market in 2010 with the launch of Google TV, but things did not went the way they expected. While Google understands that there are more players in this market already, this will be a well-rounded effort and will offer more options to the consumers. It is expected that the devices will be powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor and will be able to handle video games as well. These devices will be powered by Intel chips which will make it convenient and easy for the users to stream content through these set-top boxes. There are more options that Google will announce later on this year that will club with these devices.

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