Google amazed the world with the launch of Self-Driving car and now it introduced another surprise package with the launch of new formats in Translator Toolkit.

What is Translator Toolkit?

Translator Toolkit is an attempt to reduce the language gap in different applications, it will really work for developers as it features suite of services that will enable them to localize applications. This is the very thing that every developer ever wanted.

How it will Help Developers?

Developers can use Google Translator Toolkit at its best just by following some smart steps because it offers them to upload particular files from different applications in order to translate the text to some other language. Additionally, it will also give developers the freedom to share their very own translations with other translators (local).

How it will Help Amateur and Professional Translators?

Android Resource, Chrome Extension Application Resource Bundle and GNU Gettext-based related file formats will be supported by this Translator Toolkit. In other words, we can say that it will really work for amateur translators as well as professional translators.

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