Now-a-days people can use their gadgets in order to satisfy their multi-purposes; like cell phones a part from making and receiving calls can serve many purpose for example one can use it to stay in touch with the best buddies on the social networking sites. A part from the recreational purpose, one can use the today’s cell phone and tablets as a source to access wide information and to keep an eye on the surroundings. Google Earth and Google Earth for Android are among such examples to make the best use of technology at hand.

Google Earth

Google Earth was launched in 2005; it is an implicit globe, map and ecological information program that was previously known as EarthViewer 3D. Initially it was on hand on the PC that operates on Windows 2000 and beyond, Mac OS X, Linux Kernel. Google Earth presented satellite images of earth surface of different resolutions and provided information according to your location and different other location. In short we can say that Google Earth is enriched with knowledge.

Google Earth for Android

Google Earth for Android was the high-speed version of Google Earth which offered the resolution of 800×480 for the screens. When Google Earth for Android was launched in February 2011, it also introduced Road Layer which is the renowned version of Google Earth for desktops. Road Layer helps to have a better idea of one’s location with the help of road labels on the peak of satellite descriptions (images). Google Earth for Android also made best use of amalgamate of voice recognition abilities of the Android in order to provide enhanced experience of Google Earth to the users.

Updated Google Earth for Android

Google updated the Google Earth for Android in May in order to provide an opportunity to the tablet users to take full advantage of their gadgets and the state-of-the-art technology.

  • Added Support for Textured 3D buildings

This updated version provides support for entirely textured 3D buildings for the more pragmatic viewing experience of the buildings.

  • New Action Bar

The upgraded Google Earth for Android also features a new action bar on the peak, which provides convenience to users while searching through the choices like “fly to your locations”, places, panoramio photos, 3D buildings and Wikipedia.

  • Better Utilization of Large Screen of Android Gadgets

The upgraded version make best use of the large screens of tablets by employing features like content pop-up appearing inside earth view. This feature enables the user to view more information without switching among different pages.

  • Availability of Updated Version of Google Earth for Android

The enhanced version of Google Earth for Android is on hand for gadgets with Android 2.1 and above and for the Android 3.0 and above.

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