Google instigated its social networking service on 28th of June 2011; currently this service is in testing stage. After seeing the popularity of Facebook, Google jumped into the field of social networking to earn its pie. Soon after the launch, it was functional with the invite only stage and next days users were permitted to invite their friends. People who are above 18 can join Google+ and expand their social network.

Vic Gundotra of Google said the following “Today, the connections between people increasingly happen online. Yet the subtlety and substance of real-world interactions are lost in the rigidness of our online tools. In this basic, human way, online sharing is awkward. Even broken and we aim to fix it.”

Key Features of Google+

Google introduced Google+ not just as social networking site, in fact it is more than a social networking site and in addition to Google profiles and Google Buzz it also include many other exciting features like Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Huddles and much more.

This feature allows user to arrange contacts in groups so that one can share it across different Google products and services. Other people can just see list of people present in circles and can not access the names of circles. Don’t worry it offers strong privacy options, its privacy settings helps user to put other users out of sight. Drag and Drop interface helps the user to manage it efficiently. This is same function as friend lists function of Facebook.

  • Google+ Huddle:

This feature is meant for android, iPhone and SMS gadgets to communicate inside circles. The best thing about this feature is one can experience fun of group messaging and can allow all the people in circle to know what’s happening around.

  • Google+ Hangouts:

Good news for people who love video chat and it facilitate users to enjoy group video chat with friends. At a time, utmost 10 users can take part in particular Hang out.

Google+ Instant Upload:

This feature is particular to android mobile gadgets; it saves photos and videos in a classified album.

Sparks functions as platform for Google search and enable users to categorize topics they like to share with other users.

Through Streams function, users can view updates of other people in their respective circle; the input box helps users to update status, one can also make use of icons to upload as well as share videos and photos.

Google+ on Cell Phone

Cell phones are not just cell phones; these days’ people use gadgets especially cell phones for any thing like sharing of data and content with friends, for web browsing, to take pictures and most of people use cell phones to stay connected with their friends on social networking sites. Google+ offers another opportunity to “social bees” to keep in contact with their best buddies no matter where they lie. People who love to upload photos from their mobile will be excited to read that Google+ provides an interesting and trouble free interface and facilitates the users to instantaneously upload pictures.

Have a new experience of social network, invite your friends on Google+ and stay connected with your friends.

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