Google is trying to take a step ahead and has announced that they are ending their sales, but they are done away with it. In their latest announcement, Google mentioned that they have decided that they will stop producing Glass in its current form and will instead focus on improving it and launching the next-generation Glass in the future. The Explorer program allowed software developers to buy Glass for $1550, but that will close now. The program was launched in 2013 to almost anyone who wants to buy the Glass, but it did not happened as expected. Many consumers expected Google to come out with full scale launch, but it couldn’t happen.

Google did mention that they will continue to support the companies that are using Glass. In another announcement, Google also cleared that the research team will move out from the Google X Division and will become a separate undertaking which will be managed by Ivy Ross. So far, Google has not provided any timelines on how the research will continue and by what date they will release the new version of Google Glass. Many experts claim that with the demise of the Explorer program Google now will have to face disgruntled community of buyers that bought the Glass for a large sum thinking that they are buying something that has lot of potential.

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