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It has been seen from very long time that rumors are prevailing regarding the production of new Smartphones by Google. The rumors have got a huge ground because of the news by Google that they have given a new device to the employees to check. So these kind of news have make people think the rumors to be true and even if it is true then it will be very good news for the Smartphones lovers as they will gain a more authorized Google platform for the internet activities.

Google PhonePhoto by darcas

According to the New York Times, HTC the world’s best Android competitor for the other companies has been assigned the task for manufacturing the Google’s Phone. Any ways whatever network the company uses, it has been confirmed that the work has been started as on the company’s mobile blog VP of product management Mario Queiroz said about the device that “a device that combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android to experiment with new mobile features and capabilities”.

Either the company uses HTC’s or its own platform for development it is confirm that the handset will get a huge customer’s support as until now Google has been giving some of its applications to other handsets but when they’ll have their own than there will be full of Google’s support and the customers will be able to get the maximum out of it. The announcement would be a big event in the history of Smartphone and now the whole world is keeping an eye on it.

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