Google launched its ChromeBook in collaboration with Acer and Samsung. Google ChromeBook operates on the formula of cloud computing, it is basically designed for the people who spend most of their time on the internet and remain in search of devices that can offer them a quick and convenient web experience. At the announcement of Google’s IO conference in San Francisco co-founder of Google Sergey Brin said, “The complexity of managing your computer is torturing users. It’s a flawed model fundamentally Chromebooks are a new model that doesn’t put the burden of managing your computer on yourself.”

Google ChromeBook

Google ChromeBook is a mobile gadget which has been created specially for the people who frequently use the web. One can easily access to the web anytime and anywhere even on the go with its full size keyboard, big display, convenient trackpad, long battery life and the incorporated potential to connect to the Wi-Fi and Cellular broadband network. ChromeBook offers fastest connectivity to the web without wasting much of your time.

1. Web Based Applications

Google ChromeBook does not operate on the traditional software of PC; instead it operates web based apps which release in the browser. One can conveniently access web applications by simply writing the URL in the address bar and can also access directly and right away from the chrome web store. For instance, Google docs help you to work on spreadsheets and presentations online. There are several advantages of web applications;

  • One can instantly install web applications.
  • Allow updating repeatedly.
  • Helps to access file, no matter from where.
  • One can access so many web applications from the Chrome Webstore.

2. Display of Google ChromeBook

Google ChromeBook features display of 12.1 inches that offers resolution of 1280×800 pixels that yield bright and brilliant images.

3. Processor of Google ChromeBook

Google ChromeBook is powered by dual-core Intel Atom processor.

4. Browser of Google ChromeBook

Google ChromeBook is equipped with Google Chrome Browser

5. Immediate Access to web

ChromeBook can boot in 8 seconds and restart right away, one can easily and quickly load different websites due to full fledge support for the up to date web standards and adobe flash.

6. Forever Connectivity

With the help of integrated Wi-Fi and 3G you can access the internet regardless of your location and can carry on your work and stay in touch with your friends. When you boot up your ChromeBook, it rapidly links to the particular wireless network.

7. Cloud Computing

Google ChromeBook save the documents, apps and different settings securely in the clouds, incase you misplace your computer you can easily access the data by using any other ChromeBook.

8. Automatic Updates

When one start the Google ChromeBook, all the apps begin to update automatically. Hence one does not need to install the up to date apps like the ordinary PCs. That means one can access the most updated version of operating system without going into the fatigue to install oneself.

9. Fool Proof Security

Google ChromeBook is fully protected so do not need to worry about the malware and viruses attacks. Various layers of protection are ensured through the “defense in depth” i.e. sand boxing, encryption of data and confirmed boot.

Google ChromeBook Vs iPad 2

Let’s compare the salient features of Google ChromeBook and iPad 2.

  • The processor of Google ChromeBook is faster than that of iPad 2 i.e. 1.66 GHz as compare to 1GHz of iPad 2.
  • The display of ChromeBook (12.1 inches) is larger than the iPad 2 (9.7 inches).
  • Similar to other netbooks, ChromeBook features webcam whereas iPad 2 features dual cameras.
  • Weight of ChromeBook is 3.3 Pounds; on the other hand weight of iPad 2 is 1.35 Pounds.
  • ChromeBook features Physical keyboard whereas iPad 2 features virtual keyboard.

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