The response from most of the Google Chrome’s users reveals that it is quite premature in its working and there is nothing new or exciting thing in this product. Most of people are of the view that it is not Google’s product and the site opened in it does not declare any kind of link with Google.

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Apart from the user’s point of view Google officials are still quite and they are not even opposing the user’s remarks, this thing has make people think that there must be some kind of controversy that is hidden. Now it’s time for the Owners of this OS to support their product and let people know who the owner of this OS is exactly. And the owner should answer the complaints of users and assure them the better performance of their product.

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  1. Google is NOT a company I am fond of… I mean they are a VERY big company now and really… TOO BIG for their own good!
    Google has become known as a ‘spy-happy’ company by the intelligent, computer literate and know that Google is one company to stay AWAY from, Free or Not!

    They have hired individuals who make their living as a spy in governmental agencies and the likes to help them in their efforts of spying on us.

    In fact, that is what their Google toolbar is all about! It digs in to your info on your computer and tracks just about everything you do online. Google also NEVER DELETES ANYTHING anymore and keeps all data they ever collect on you or anyone.



    People… come on… DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!! As my father always told me as a kid, THINK before your act!!!

    Now-a-days, I think, research and then act accordingly.
    If you need to respond to something immediately, go with your gut feeling, but make sure you are reading it correctly by practising using it on all your decisions.

    Google CHURNS MY guts!!!

    Good Luck in whatever you choose to do!!

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