It looks like if you still want to own a brand new Nexus 5, you will have to purchase it sooner rather than later, and you won’t be able to buy them directly from Google. The company just announced that they ceased the production of the devices that debuted on October 31st, 2013. Saying goodbye to the Nexus 5 is actually part of Google’s plan, as the company would like to turn their resources to the Nexus 6 phablet that launched last November.

When asked about this, a Google spokesperson reinforced that notion saying: “While some inventory still exists (with our retail and carrier partners), our focus is on the Nexus 6 at this time.” The latest device has been Google’s most expensive Nexus yet, with amazing capabilities compared to their previous models. In addition to that, the new Nexus 6 is also bigger (5.95 inch screen) and heavier (6.49 ounces) than any other previous iteration of Google’s flagship tablets.

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