The internet giant and world’s largest search engine, Google is engaged in development of first ever Android-powered set-top box. The matter is disclosed by The Verge, however, the company has not yet issued any official word on it. The news broke quite confidently with many specifics about the upcoming device.

Some of the important facts about the new Android TV are stated in the section below.

Interactive Entertainment

Technology is continuously molding the entertainment media to enhance user’s experience. Google is always concerned about the interactive entertainment system, where users are empowered to search the content they desire. In this regard, the tech giant has already brought some innovations to the TV entertainment by introducing interactivity into it. Some of the examples are Google Chromecast and Google TV.

Basic Features of Android TV

Android TV is an interactive platform that would let users to have unlimited fun by browsing live channels, accessing online video archives and playing video games. The console would obviously be powered with the latest version of Android OS that could be used with a remote controller offered with the device. Moreover, a gaming controller will also be provided as optional. The console will also accept voice commands to act.

Android TV

In addition to the above features, Android TV will be preloaded with services and applications specialized in television entertainment. For this purpose, Google is in close contact with third party developers to launch new apps along with this device.


Though, the TV entertainment market has a great potential of growth, Google is not the only one addressing this niche. Before it could even announce anything, Amazon took the lead by releasing its first micro-console named Fire TV, earlier this month. Besides that, Apple Inc. has been serving the same market segment with Apple TV since 2007.

It is much anticipated that Google will release an official statement in the coming weeks. We will then get an opportunity to learn more about this Android platform.

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