You might heard about cloud computing well as a matter of fact only few among us know exactly what is cloud computing? In our daily life through our gadgets we do cloud computing in the form of photo sharing, email and video streaming and some other similar activities. Activities you perform on YouTube is the simplest example of cloud computing and it will not be wrong to say that major business on Google is based on Cloud Computing.

Google solves your many problems through cloud computing for instance most of the functions you perform online has been made possible by cloud computing. Google well understands the needs and requirements of its users that’s why it has decided to enhance the quality of its services which are based on cloud computing. You might be the user of such existing multiple services like Gmail, GoogleDocs and Google Calendar that facilitate the users to connect and share with online friends in an efficient, easy and enhanced way.

Google Drive-All in One Solution

Recently Google unveiled Google Drive and in fact that was a smart step that was taken by Google to bring ease in life of its valuable users. Google drive is such useful service that helps you to perform multiple functions like use of spreadsheets, images and documents under one roof so that you can conveniently make, share and collaborate in real time. Documents and files can be automatically saved and people around you like your friends, family members, class fellows can work together. Isn’t it great?

Go Google

Go Google! This is basically a notion that invites you to use the valuable services of Google if you wish to build and grow your business. Success story of Burberry and National Geographic is practical example that you can climb the ladder of success just by following smart steps and by going Google.

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