GM Motors

Recent catastrophe in Japan badly affected the automotive industry. This natural disaster induced the major automobile companies to introduce some changes in their current operations. One among them is GM motors.

Known for its innovation, GM motors is thinking to cut down its expenses. GM motors has decided to eliminate unnecessary production and overall expenditures. It has assessed that it’s the only way to come back to life as the effects and after effects of recent disaster are unimaginable.

In order to justify this move, Spokesperson of GM motors explained that this decision has been taken to recover the losses; moreover GM is running shortage of parts too. Company will stick to this strategy until it recovers the financial loss.

As the first step, GM motors has announced to cancel the shifts at Eisenach plant in Germany. A part from it, a plant that manufactures the Corsa that is a compact car, will remain shut down till Monday. This plant is situated in Zaragoza, Spain.

GM has also announced that U.S plant situated in Louisiana will be closed down on Thursday.
All the leading automobile companies are enforcing strategies in their current operations. The sole purpose is to mold them according to current critical situation. GM motors and all other companies are keeping their fingers crossed and looking for good time.

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