Researchers from General Electric have succeeded to make some remarkable development in

the field of digital storage technology that will enable discs of standard size to house data equivalent of 100DVDs.

Image by gearcrave

Right now it’s limited only to lab, but the new technology will soon be utilized in mass production of the discs with some affordable prices, G.E says. According to some industry experts and analysts, this is, indeed, a huge step forward in developing some really impressive digital tech that will be quite handy for scientific, commercial and consumer markets. “It’s, indeed, a next-gen of low-cost storage,” says Richard Doherty a tech analyst at Envisioneering. In fact, General Electric researchers have been working in holographic storage field for quite some time and this optical process allows putting digital data and 3D images together. According to this theory storage with holographic storage the data will be packed a lot more densely than it does in the traditional optical technology that is being widely used Blu-rays and DVDs. The new holographic discs will be able to hold 500GB of data in 25GB and 50GB discs. However, the moot question is whether these advancements can be deployed in cheap media and if it is done, there will be considerable drop in price-per-gigabytes ratio. Currently, more and more users want to connect HDTVs with media player and set top box.

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