Graphics cards are now all set to take care of the Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, by 2010 as per the latest reports from AMD and Nvidia. The companies also revealed that they are working on the GPGPU-accelerated AI in all the games and the gamers might see its results by early 2010.

Nvidia along with AMD is working on the games and the middleware software developers to construct the basic routines. Most of the times, these routines present the same visibility and path finding the same queries, all the way through the CPU to the graphics card for the processing instead.

Nvidia’s director, Nadeem Mohammad informed the Custom PC that one can always visualize CUDA as a bunch of processors running the same program, however not the same instruction and ideally the same kind of data with varieties in the input parameters.

So when it comes to AI, the only way to parallelising the problem is the data set that consists of the entire gaming world and the parameters get into their individual bots. Another employee from AMD added that a few of the middleware providers are looking into this in order to package the GPU AI library of games at the same time as the developers are looking into transferring their own existing AI code.

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