Sending money got a lot easier with Facebook introducing its new feature wherein payments can be made from one friend to another through the Messenger. All you really need to do is connect your Master or Visa debit card and simply tap the ‘$’ sign to transfer money on Desktop, Android or iOS. This feature is completely free of cost and is expected to release first in US in the upcoming months.

Instead of depending on other apps like Paypal etc to power this new feature, Facebook themselves built the from its vast experience of processing about 1 million payments everyday through its game platforms and ads. The payment information as well as the transaction is all encrypted said Facebook. Its anti-fraud team said that these payment systems are isolated from the rest of the network and kept in an environment that is completely secure.

Send Money to Friends in Messenger

By incorporating payment options in the already existent messaging service, Facebook is probably looking to stand up against P2P competitors including Google Wallet, Square Cash, PayPal etc.

PayPal has been associated with Facebook since 2008 and when asked if it now sees Facebook as its competition they carefully avoided the question and steered clear of the same.

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