We spend money on buying expensive gadgets, yet whenever there is a free application which we can download we are more than happy. So let’s welcome the New Year with some great and interesting iPhone applications absolutely free and enjoy many things at our fingertips. Sometimes freebie does make you happy. Go get them as soon as possible.


Available for both the iPhone and iPad this wonderful and unique universal application helps you to learn music. Wow music at a click is great.  It’s simple and helps you read your music note and you will enjoy this application thoroughly. What more it is absolutely a free application?


Laser Pegs:-

The National award winning Laser Pegs kits is an ultimate free, fun filled construction set applications for kids that allows them or any user to design, create and share models using digital version of various Laser Pegs kit pieces.

Laser Pegs

Mood Craft:-

Express your mood/emotions to family and friends through your iPhone using the cognifit moodcraft. So go ahead create, design and share your moods and what’s better when you can actually control them at least on your iPhones. Tag your friends in any mood or comment on their moods.

Mood Craft

Top stylist:-

Be your own fashion stylist and make your style statement with this game application and style your virtual client. You can also share your style with your friends. Bring out the inner stylist within you and feel happy when your virtual clients are satisfied with your design.



This application will give you a quick list on the nearest business setups in and around the navigation area be it to eat out, shop and hang out or see the latest blockbuster near your location and save a lot of time in just hunting for these places.



A fun, interesting yet simple way of making and sharing photos. Picking ideas from here and there and creating a new way of presenting yourself and sharing it with your friends across.


Must have applications which are free are:-

There are some applications that you must have on your iPhone and you should have them at any cost and again nothing to think about as it is free.


Connecting to your social networking site like facebook or Twitter is possible on your iPhone with the free application you can download from the store. So stay connected, manage your account and check your friends’ picture on your or just tweet your heart out on your iPhone.



Can view, share and upload videos. Watch world video at the comfort of your iPhone through the free YouTube channels application with the official i operating system.


Google maps:-

To keep you connected with the world around and navigate the world with the Google maps with an easy to use built in local Google search. You can find eating joints, shops and malls, public transit directions.

Google maps

Night Lights:-

A very needy application as whenever you are in a dark space or at night you can put on your light and it is of great help you may never know when you need it. Don’t be afraid of the dark any more.

Night Lights

There are many applications of different games, quizzes, chats, messengers, smiley’s, emotions music, live radios, podcasts some fun applications  and  some really useful. It depends on us to decide which are the ones we would like to use or take the benefit of. It’s your choice so go ahead and make the best pick after all its absolutely free.

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