Virgin Media says that it will launch four new HD channels during next year. The company has just launched its 50Mb broadband service in UK and this announcement came at the press unveiling of the service.

Neil Berkett, the company’s CEO said in this connection, “It was somewhat problematic to get fair access to High Def. until recently.

“The High-Def content was locked by another service provider for some time, but recently it has changed and there are many non-platform suppliers that providing HD content. And now the company has made a viable decision to provide that content.”

When he was asked about the timeframe of these new channels release, he said: “We will be launching these four or more channels within next four to five months.”

He also told VoD content would play a vital role in this connection. This dependence on VoD content may due to the current HD broadcasting investigation by Ofcom.

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