iPad 2 has been released in US. 2 weeks ago it was launched in UK, now people in the US can also enjoy this smart and trendy Gadget.

New iPad 2

Apple’s iPad 2 features A5 processor, dual cameras, iOS 4.3 and many other innovative features. It is 33 percent thinner than its predecessor.

Apple has asked its creative employees to set-up the iPad 2 for its customers in order to make it ready to use for particular functions like email. This is basically an incentive for US customers because they waited 2 weeks extra than the UK customers.

Apple’s lovers in New-York, who were desperate about the Apple iPad 2, are more than happy now. Every one wants to be the first one to see this much-awaited Gadget.

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  1. […] has announced arrival date of its new sensation 2nd generation iPad 2 in 25 additional countries. Apple’s iPad 2 will be available in these 25 countries from Friday, March 25 2011 and onwards, at all Apple retail […]

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