This specific article is going to point out such tips and tricks that will enable you to get the most out of your gadgets and electronic devices. This will help you a lot regarding many devices like notebooks, desktops, media players, digital cameras, and gaming consoles etc.

1. How to utilize an old internal hard drive:

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Do you have an extra hard drive which is only lying down around you, which might had been pulled out of an older computer before selling it out? Then you have good news; you can put it to use by making it a free storage drive.

If you want to put it Inside a PC and it was pulled out of a laptop, remember that you need to make sure that it fits well (by using some means) because a laptop hard drive will never fit well into a PC. You may put it against the inside of the case or in a free drive bay. You might as well use sticking yet removable tapes. A 3.5” SATA drive will fit exactly, though.

If your intention is to make it an external storage drive, you will have to make use of USB drive adapter cable. This way, you will be enabled to transfer files quickly either for transferring to another computer, or for backup reasons.

2. How to transform your XP netbook into a n eBook Reader:

Are you captivated by the charm of Amazon Kindle? You can get the same

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level of functionality from your netbook running on XP.

First of all, you need few eBooks and an e-reader application. There are many sources from where you can get eBooks. Unprotected formats like PDF, HTML, and plain text can be read in a Web browser, Acrobat Reader, or a text editor. Protected formats need special applications; Microsoft Reader and Adobe Digital Editions are two free applications to read protected formats.

Now, your netbook must have Intel GMA Driver for Mobile Control Panel. Click the Display Settings tab and check Enable Rotation. Now, click the 270° radio button and apply it. It might be possible for you, too, to toggle between the normal and rotated directions by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Right Arrow or Ctrl-Alt-Up Arrow.

If this video control panel is missing, you may have to download EeeRotate. You may also like the Read Aloud function in Adobe Reader Software.

3. How to program an iPod without iTunes:

It is quite possible that you hate iTunes due to complexity and lack of certain features but love iPod. So, do you want an iTunes alternative for programming your iPod? There are certain substitutes for you.

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There is Mediafour XPlay for $30 that has quite nice features like it doesn’t require reformatting of a Mac iPod for using it with a PC; iPod files are shown in Windows explorer; plus it has the ability to read files from the iPod Touch and iPhone.

There is free software, too. Floola converts videos to play with iPod whereas Winamp is an absolute alternative that can even import CDs.

4. How to protect your PC:

Are you depending solely upon user account password for your PC or laptop

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security? Okay, then you might have forgotten the possibility of losing your computer due to theft. When a computer is stolen, the thieves are intelligent enough to pull your hard drive out and install it in another computer instead of spending hours in front of your laptop to guess the password. You need to add a password to the hard disk of your computer.

It is not as strong a security measure as encryption; it is more like a muscular lock. The process is simple; press the key to enter your PC’s BIOS when you will be prompted at boot. Then, use the arrow keys to steer to the Security tab, press down to highlight HDD Password, and press Enter. Type in your chosen password and you are done.

These few tricks and tips can enhance the functionality level of your devices and gadgets. These are easy to follow, and will provide you a great experience with the same machines.

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