Planning to buy a HD camcorder? Here is a quick guide and myths for the HD camcorders. With a growing competition in the market, the price of the HD camcorder has significantly dropped. Even though prices look attractive, it is not very easy to choose the best HD camcorder that fulfills all your purposes.  There are three different types of resolutions available in HD’s camcorder. Well, few options have applied only in the professional version. However, with the improved qualities of playback devices and displays, the expectations have rise to a great extent.

First of all let’s learn about the following four myths about the HD camcorders:

Before you buy always check your special likeness against the reality. It may happen that the SD TV repeatedly acts as great level with regards to the video quality. It may be possible to make the bad footage look fine and better footage look bad. Here are the myths that you should keep in mind before you buy one.

Myth No. 1: The video quality of HD camcorder is higher than SD.

This is not true because resolution is not the only deciding factor of the video quality. As compared to digital cameras, it also takes lot of pixels to produce really good picture. However, we should also keep in mind about the lens, the image processing as well as the compression algorithms, and the dynamic range of the sensor(s). These are very important factors for the quality of the video output.

Myth No. 2:
HD camcorder enhances the HDTV viewing than SD model.

Well there is a difference between the resolution component of the HD and its aspect ratio. Most camcorders now days are able to record the wide-screen video if you would like to fill up the 16:9 flat panels.

Myth No. 3:
If the cost of both HD and SD models are same, then HD model is more preferred as it is more future-proof than the other.

Being the leading edge does not always mean the elimination of the other, as it can be seen in the battle of Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

Myth No.4: If it is not HD, it is not leading edge.

There are lots of technological advancements and changes that are taking place in the field of the camcorder category without restricting yourself to HD.

What you must know?

In many ways, the shopping for an HD camcorder circulates similar to a SD model such as to sort out various specifications of the lenses, the types of media, and the body designs. There are few issues that are specific to the HD camcorders which you should always keep in mind.

CCD aspect ratio and resolution

There are few Camcorder manufacturers who give stress that they are using a 16:9 aspect ratio sensor. But the calculation of sensor only matters if and only if its resolution is also low. Lets say there is a frame of 1080i video that has dimensions of 1,920×1,080 pixels; as it is interlaced, the vertical dimension must be at least 540 pixels. Therefore, you do require a sensor which is at least 1.04 megapixels that is 1,920*540. However, the 1.04-megapixel sensor that has an aspect ratio of 4:3 may have very few horizontal pixels and lots of vertical pixels to yield near about the same total.

In the nutshell, if the resolution of sensor divided by 1,920 comes near 540 for 1080i or 720 in case of 720p, one should not have to worry about the aspect ratio.

HDMI output

The easiest method to share your HD video is obviously by plugging the camcorder to your HDTV and by hitting the Play button.  However, if you are using an analog connection or an even FireWire, your video output will be down converted to SD.

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