No matter whether they are developed or developing, cancer is still a challenging disease in almost every part of the world. It has diverse symptoms and lots of forms that all cause nothing, but pain and sufferings.

Researchers have been dreaming to find a real effective cure of the disease for quite some time, but they haven’t succeeded in their efforts so far. However, the time is near when cancer will be no more an incurable disease and the rapidly growing computing technology will play a pivotal role in this connection.

Will computer be able to cure that curse? Well, right now, we don’t have a clear cut answer, but one thing is certain that no other field seems so energetic and effective as computer technology is right now.

With the help of some fastest computers of the world some scientists at Ohio State University Medical Centre are trying to weigh proteins so that they may be able to note microscopic differences between abnormal cells and the healthy one.

Researchers, at Swedish Medical Centre in Seattle, are utilizing some computers technologies to get information about gene-sequencing in brain cancer that is the most challenging disease for the medical scientists right now. Similarly, colossal computers have been used to develop an enormous cell structures database that may prove very effective to find out the way these cells work as well as the way they communicate with one another.

However, some studies of the disease also points out what computers cannot do to cure the disease, but it is expected that researchers will soon be able to cure the disease by focusing on the various noted problems that have come to notice because of the advanced computer technology.

To find out the magic bullet is one of the basic purposes of cancer research. This magic-bullet will able to enter the body and trace out mutated cells and they will target some specific proteins to deactivate self-replications of cancer and to eradicate the mutated cells. Researchers are trying to know more and more about various molecules and cancer cells in the body to make this cure really effective.

“We need a huge database of biomedical information to know about the process that is called ‘finding drug targets,” says Jake Chen, an assistant professor at Indiana University.

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