Apple has announced news to shock many; at Macworld Expo Steve Jobs, CEO Apple will not deliver his speech to launch any new Apple product. The more shocking part of the news is that Apple will not appear in Macworld shows from next year onwards. This year’s appearance will be their last one.

This announcement has arisen many questioning eyes. It is suspected that Joe is seriously ill. Joe has been a pancreatic cancer survivor. Some are suspecting that Joe has stopped acting as a CEO. Regardless of the big question mark the situation puts on the corporation’s sustainability, Apple still holds positive grounds.

Roger Kay, an analyst with Endpoint Technologies says, “Whatever the condition of Steve’s health, his cancer has caused a certain amount of soul searching by the company”. He further says, “How do you replace the maestro?  The paradox of the dictatorial personality is that it can’t replicate itself. Genghis Khan’s empire was gone 130 years after it was created…. So, a big question mark relates to how the product development process will work once he’s out of the picture.”

This announcement of Apple dropping out of the show brings critical results for Macworld Expo’s management. Even before Apple’s announcement, 20% of the show’s registrations were dropped. After the announcement, more decrease in registrations is expected as Adobe too will not appear in the show.

Apple has risen itself from mere PC makers to a successful brand of modern day technology creators. On part of an organization, it’s a big achievement. Its successful products include iPhone, iPod, iTunes and App Store.

With the announcement of Apple’s last appearance in the Macworld show at San Francisco, everyone is looking forward to the company’s next move.

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