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Women are the color of this universe. To make enhance their colorfulness and gorgeousness, they use ornaments and jewels. All around the world, women love wearing beautiful gemstones and jewels like diamond, ruby, emerald, amethyst, turquoise etc, but pearls have their own place in women’s hearts and preferences. A pearl adds to a woman’s beauty whether it is worn as a necklace, ring, bracelet or earring. In this article, I will tell you about pearls and jewelry made with pearls. I hope all the women out their reading this article are going to enjoy it thoroughly.

What is a Pearl?
First of all, it is women’s most beloved ornament when it comes to jewelry. A pearl is actually a hard and solid object which is created inside a living shelled mollusk. A mollusk is the largest marine phylum of invertebrates, comprising of 23% of all the known marine organisms. Pearls are present inside the soft tissue especially the mantle which is a cavity that is exposed to air and fresh water. A pearl is made up of calcium carbonate.

A perfect pearl will be rounded and firm, although you can find disfigured pearls very easily. Non-rounded pearls are called Baroque pearls. As best quality pearls are hard to find, they are equally expensive. This is why someone or someone that is rare, splendid and valuable is given the name of Pearl as a metaphor.

Pearls that are taken from sea are much more valued than those which are obtained from fresh water. Best quality pearls are very rare and occur in wild. This valuable ornament is also harvested, but that costs much less than the natural ones. Also, inexpensive jewelry features fake pearls, but they can easily be distinguished from genuine pearls. Here, I am only concerned with the genuine expensive pearls and luxurious pearl jewelry.

Pearls in Jewelry:
Pearls have been used for many purposes since long. Most abundantly, pearls are used in jewelry. There are many kinds of pearl jewelry:
1. Pearl Necklaces
2. Pearl Earrings
3. Pearl Bracelets
4. Pearl Pendants
5. Pearl jewelry sets
6. Pearl Brooches
7. Pearl Cufflinks
8. Loose Pearls (for customized use)

Shapes of Pearls:
Pearls are usually seen in eight different shapes.

  • Round
  • Semi-round
  •  Button
  • Drop
  • Pea
  • Oval
  • Baroque
  • Circled

Round ones are rarely found and are most expensive of all. Both round and semi round pearls are used in necklaces. Button shaped pearls may also be used in necklaces but mostly they make pendants where their back can be covered.  Both drop and pear shaped pearls (mostly look like a teardrop) make centre piece of a necklace, earrings or pendants. Baroque pearls are irregular and thus can be used in necklaces as well as other jewelry. The circled pearls are used in necklaces and rings.

Pearl Necklaces:
In all pearl jewelry, necklaces have their own place and status. Pearl necklaces vary in length and they are categorized according to their length. Following are the most commonly known pearl necklace kinds.

  • Bib: This kind of pearl necklace consists of many strands of pearls that vary in length.
  • Collar / Dog Collar: This type of necklaces consists of many strands which are worn high on the neck. Strands do not hang down and stay strictly against the throat. It is usually 10 – 13 inches long.
  • Choker: This is 14 – 16 inches long and stays at the base of the neck.
  • Princess: It is usually 17 – 19 inches long and stays slightly below the neck.
  • Matinee: It is worn for semi formal occasions and is 20 – 24 inches long. It hangs just above the breasts.
  • Opera: These necklaces are worn on formal occasions and are 30 – 36 inches long. They must hang below the bust line.
  • Rope: It starts from 35 inches and goes further to any length. It can be doubled or knotted for other non formal occasions.

Care for Pearls:
Pearls are expensive and delicate
, therefore they require intense care. Protect them from scratches, cracks, perfumes, hair sprays etc. Keep them separately from other jewelry. Get your pearl jewelry restranded and knotted on regular intervals.

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  1. I love pearls and good thing I’ve seen a nice necklace such as this one. I never thought that there would be a pearl necklace that can be compared to what diamonds had. The designs were very elegant and fashionable. This is a perfect gift to your love ones.

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