Facebook and Google

Goggle the internet giant has been a master of every internet technology but still it is looking for some field where it thinks that it needs more work, recently this news has been revealed that Google is working very hard on a new project that will come as a Facebook killer. Everybody is wondering Why Google is doing so? Google has got quite much variety in social media networking like for Picture sharing it has Picasa, for video sharing it has Orkut and for sharing each and everything about your life, it has provided you Orkut then why the new social network?

Industry analyst Greg Sterling of Sterling Market Intelligence said that “Google does take this social media phenomenon very seriously. For the past four years, it has been adding social, community and collaboration layers to its products” and he also said that “This is an enormous creative challenge”.

This new project of Google is definitely one of the toughest projects the company has ever launched because killing Facebook nowadays is not easy as it has got a place in heart of a huge majority of people worldwide.

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