Good news for iPad users now they can use Facebook on iPad and can enjoy the wholesome experience of Facebook on iPad. Facebook for iPad will facilitate the users to stay in touch with their buddies, share photos and chat with them even on the go.

Highlights of Facebook for iPad

  • iPad users can scroll through News Feed with single touch of fingers and  move through the album and zoom in easily. In short, you can enjoy full fun of Facebook on your most desirable iPad.
  • Small Pictures in Big Screen: The big screen of iPad help users to view pictures in shiny mode just like real album, it also offers experience like slide show so that you can enjoy the nostalgic pictures with your friends and family.
  • Fast Navigation: If you wish to search the content which you use most often like games, apps, lists and groups Facebook for iPad help you out by displaying the messages and notifications at the top of screen. Fast Navigation helps you to stay in touch with friends and keep track of all the updates.
  • Miscellaneous Features: Facebook for iPad is available with several other features for instance you can communicate with your buddies play games and use different applications in the format of full screen. In addition, iPad users can also enjoy high resolution videos.
  • Facebook for iPad is available in app store and iPad users can easily access and download this most demanding application.


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