Facebook Location Features

These days the competition between the social marketing platforms is rising highly and each of them are bringing some more features to defeat the other. Facebook which is one of most common social networking place, is working very consistently in bringing new features into their platform and among the diversity of its features one thing was always felt to be missing and that is location service. Rumors have been circulating for very long time that facebook is bringing location service for their site and now on the NYT’s Bit blog this news has been shown that Facebook is going to bring the new location service in the April’s F8 conference.

Now one point to think is that, how will this application look like? May be it will be like twitter’s which is attaching location data to user’s status update or the company will go for some totally different way. It has also been heard that the company has tested some location services and the time is not very far when the new application will get its way into the Facebook’s applications list. One interesting thing about the news is that Facebook is not looking to beat any other location service provider like Foursquare or Gowalla but their main target is to beat Google who has provided the location service in Buzz.

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