Facebook Privacy Changes

The privacy has always being a major concern of all the online social interaction places and the most famous platform among them is Facebook. Previously many bugs were seen regarding the privacy issue of Facebook and the company really worked for sorting out the previous problems and then at a press event the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg notified that their company would simplify the privacy controls that will be starting with a re-designed privacy setting page.

The three main changes that have been brought for Facebook includes: simple controls, keeping the information private and third party privacy. The third party applications were previously one of the major privacy threats for the users and now the company has make it easier for the users to close off the access from third party applications. While discussing about these new changes Zuckerberg said that “If you find these changes helpful, then we plan to keep this privacy framework for a long time. That means you won’t need to worry about changes. (Believe me; we’re probably happier about this than you are.)”. Thus the new changes for the Facebook site will bring more privacy into the hands of users and the users who were earlier angry with Facebook for the weak privacy will get satisfied.

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