Facebook is spreading its social network by bringing some more attractions into its site, the F8 conference to be held in April is expected to get many announcements from Facebook as the company has started the testing of many new stuff and some of them have been leaked out.  One of the very exciting features which are heard to be coming in the April’s conference is the extensions of Facebook Connect and Facebook API which actually allows the publishers to add a like’ button to any piece of content on their site.

Just like the previous ‘Like’ button available for the stuff shared on Facebook this new button will be displayed for different web contents and anyone who wants to share any online stuff like audio, video or document will hit the like buttons and that thing will be displayed on his friend’s wall via Facebook Connect. The previous ‘Like’ button was introduced about a year ago and it was basically purposed to give user a facility to directly show his/her liking for the friend’s stuff without even making a comment and the purpose of this new ‘like’ button is almost same to that. With this new facility Facebook has planned some other goodies for its users as well but to know about each of them you have to wait till next month.

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