Good News for the game lovers who love Mario and wish to play Mario games on Nintendo 3DS, first Mario game for Nintendo 3DS Hand Held system will be launched on 13th November 2011.

Super Mario 3D Land has been designed especially for Nintendo 3DS hand held system, the environment of this upcoming game is really superb because it will present a chance to players to enjoy the real fun of adventurous Mario and his friends. The good thing about this game is one don’t need to use 3D glasses to play this game. Super Mario 3D Land will be available to US customers at US $39.99.

Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing Scott Moffitt said, “Mario fans from every generation will love experiencing the Super Mario franchise in true 3D. Making your way through the Mushroom Kingdom has never been so immersive and Nintendo 3DS lets players dive into the action anytime, anywhere. The game is sure to put smiles on lots of faces this holiday season.”

About Super Mario 3D Land

3D visuals of this game are simply outstanding and it will offer improved chances to player so that they can judge the depth and distance of different levels. It also provides some intelligent strategic options to players such as coins collection, bumping question blocks, rolling summersaults and high speed dash moves. Additionally, players can also play as Tanooki Mario with the use of his tall tail in order to perform hovering jumps. One can full enjoy and make use of 3D capabilities of Nintendo 3DS system and some levels of the game facilitate the players to move from top to bottom whereas some other levels allow them to move through different depths and widths

Photo By Ricardo Saramago

New Character in Super Mario 3D Land

Enemy Goombas with tails and Piranha Plants is the new characters in Super Mario 3D Land.

What’s Unique in Super Mario 3D Land

A part from well known distinctive items like Fire Flowers and Super Mushrooms, players will be able take Mario to higher places with the help of Propeller blocks. Another interesting addition is the Boomerang flower which will change Mario to Boomerang Mario and let him to heave boomerangs. Last but not the least, players will also be able to scrutinize and explore different parts of levels with the help of integrated gyro sensor of Nintendo 3DS system.

White Tanooki Mario and P-Wing-For Fear free Game

Most interesting feature of Super Mario 3D Land is the White Tanooki Mario and P-Wing which is very useful and can be activated when players lose so many lives in a row. This feature will help the player to accomplish the levels without the fear of enemies.

For those players who are less adventurous and want to play game without help, Super Mario 3D Land has added some features and such Players can also avoid tricky situation simply by moving forward.

If you want to become part of Military Island in NewYork Times Square visit it and attend special launching event of Super Mario 3D Land on 12th of November from 10 a.m to 4 a.m.

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