Life is a game and one who lives it with rules is a true winner. We usually use such reference to explain life, as a matter of fact there is no significant difference between life and game because in both case we face multiple situations and apply different rules to win situations.
When we talk about games, the very first word that comes in our mind is entertainment. Yes it is true we all play games for the sake of entertainment and deal with different twist and turns so that we can win. Electronic board games are very popular among every age group, today we enjoy refined form of electronic board games; only few among all exactly know the origin and background of electronic games.

There is always one strong point behind every successful invention and in case of electronic board games the formula of success lies behind the invention of microprocessor. Toy-industry took full advantage of this invention and intelligently used it in modern games. Electronic board games have a very colorful history, year after year improvements were introduced and still there is lot to come.

Let’s have a look at the interesting evolution of electronic board games;

1. Code Name: Sector

In 1977 Parker Brothers introduced a very interesting game-Code Name: Sector, it was among the very first game that was based on electronic elements. Code Name Sector is the Computer Game of Sub Marine Pursuit. TMS1000 is the main computerized component of this game that note down the path of Sub Marine and then follow it when the player become tired in the journey of finding the path. When this game was introduced in 1977, media created hype but unfortunately it was unable to win the hearts of game lover because of some crucial complexities.

2. Electronic Battleship

Electronic Battleship is a computer memory game, it was also introduced in 1977 based on the reality that now game lovers need change and they like to play computerized electronic board games. Milton Bradley introduced this interesting game; the main drawback of this game was its two player nature. In this game, computer serves as mediator and guides the player through different sound effects.

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3. Stop Thief

Stop Thief was introduced in 1979 and it was the very first game that incorporated electronic elements in typical cardboard format.
In this game, “Electronic Crime Scanner” acts as a spy to find out the place where the thief lies. Scanner emits Audio clues that help the players to follow the path of thief. Soon after the player search the location of thief, it is required to enter it in scanner and in case of correct answer police trap him and the player win the situation.

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4. Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game

Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game was introduced in 1980. Basically it is an electronic maze game and work on the auditory response. Game players play this game by combining the pieces of plastic wall and chalk out the exact position of labyrinth wall. Players must avoid the deadly dragon in order to win this game.


5. Dark Tower

Dark Tower was launched in 1981; it was formulated and designed by Milton Bradley. It gained immense popularity among people who love to play adventurous board games. Dark Tower features computer elements that works with the help of battery, this integrated computer keep an eye on the actions of players and keep track of every movement. Until the player reaches the final destination, computerized assistance is provided at every step.


6. Monopoly Playmaster

Monopoly Playmaster entered into the world of electronic board game in 1982. It was one of the successful ventures of Parker Brothers.
In Monopoly Playmaster, electronic dice works in co-ordination with typical Monopoly set. Installed computer based device keep record of moves and actions of players.


7. Mr. Game Show

Mr. Game Show entered into the world of electronic board game in 1987. It’s a very interesting game and features electronic doll (animated). It’s a computer assisted game of words and resembles Wheel of Fortune. When the player plays the game Gus Glitz (animated doll) emit scary and noisy voices. If you are still interested to play this game be aware there are no kids and animals around you otherwise they will be scared.


8. Electronic Mall Madness

Electronic-Mall-MadnessElectronic Mall Madness was introduced in 1990; this is particularly a game for girls. As we all know girls love shopping and Electronic Mall Madness is favorite games of girls who love to enjoy shopping in Malls. Majority of girls look for some “sale news”, this electronic board game is based on the same concept. Electronic Mall Madness features a button in the middle of console, when the players push this button news alerts about the “sale” blink. Finally the race starts to reach the place where “sale” is on. If the players wish to buy something they need to insert a fake credit card into electronic centerpiece that operates on battery.

9. Electronic Dream Phone

This electronic board game came into existence in 1991; it is also a game for girls. As we all know Pink is color of girls and to attract the girls pink theme was used in it. Electronic Dream Phone is loaded with colorful photos of dreamy boys, according to your choice you can dial a number and get detail ideas about personal choice of your dreamy boy. Hit and trial method will let you sort out your hush-hush admirer. You can also marry you dreamy boy but unfortunately just electronically.

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10. The Omega Virus

The Omega Virus was introduced in 1992. Boys love to fight against the Virus Attack and this was the main reason of its popularity among boys. The Omega Virus features an electronic computer in the center, different ways and sources to players to win this battle of Virus.

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11. Lego Treasure Quest

Just like its name, it is a game of treasure quest. It was introduced in 1998 by Roseart. Lego Treasure Quest was favorite game of adventurous people. Best thing about this game is its multiple-players nature; all the family members can take part in this game to unlock the hidden treasure.


12. Clue FX

Clue FX was launched in 2003 by Parker Brothers. It is also an adventurous and interesting game. Players are provided electronic clues to fight against the enemies. You will find different weapons that are situated in lawn and garden area, all you need to do is to apply your intelligence.


13. Who was it?

Who was it? Jumped into the world of electronic board game in 2007, it’s an interesting game; you have to find out a hidden ring and for this you need to tackle a wizard. Don’t worry; different electronic assisted clues will help you to get the ring.

14. Monopoly Zapped Edition

Monopoly Zapped Edition was introduced in 2012. Surprisingly you can play it with your iPad. You will find it interesting for sure. Monopoly Zapped Edition is based on the same rules which are used in Monopoly Master and the only difference is the iPad app that is applied in this game in a very interesting and digital manner.


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