New and Improved Video Game Introduced by Google

Good News for video game lovers!  Now you can enjoy enhanced level gaming experience with your friends. Google has recently introduced the improved video game “Cube Slam” that will let you play game face to face with your local and international friends.

What is Cube Slam?

Cube Slam is the latest experiment of Chrome that has been developed with the help of WebRTC. WebRTC is an improved web technology that gives you freedom of video chat. The best thing is you don’t need to install plug-ins and you can conveniently play this game with your friends all over the world. You just need to share a link and then you can enjoy this exciting game with your global friends.

How to Win?

Cube Slam is based on simple rules. If you want to win this game, throw the Cube towards the screen of next player, you have three chances to go off the screen. Defense factors, hurdles and gravity base vary for every level. You might be thinking what to do when no one in available (online), in that case you can play with “Bob the Bear”. Moreover when you will install this great game you will also be able to enjoy this game offline.

Technologies Used in Cube Slam

  • WebGL
  • CSS 3D
  • Web Audio
  • WebRTC

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