Motorbikes are not necessarily about noise and dirt; in fact many decent people also like motorbikes and for them, motorbike companies have to work a lot so as to come up to their expectations. Such a recent motorbike is the brand new eco friendly decent electric ZeroS. With this electric motorbike, neither will you be able to satisfy your guilty pleasure of the typical motorbike noise, nor will you be able to hear the roaring thunders that classic motorbikes are notorious to generate.

Looks are of an above-average bike, and you can forget about the speed factor. This motorbike is for polite people, who will be more than happy with 60 mph. Also, you can go as far as only 60 miles per charge; thus this motorbike is meant for little intra-city travels. Do not try to take your new thriller bike to distances off its limits.

The main features include firstly freeing you of the tensions regarding fuel; other features consist of an aircraft-grade aluminum body, a custom ‘Z-Force’ power pack for enhanced acceleration, a digital speedometer, and a projector beam headlight. Most of all, this is an eco-friendly motorbike, so you can stay free of guilty conscience.

It will be available in the market by next month with a starting price of $10,000.

Written by “Seemab”

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  1. This is definitely a bike for the future. In coming future, one thing is for sure that the growing advancements in the technology would be of no use if we could not preserve our natural resources. It would be a great step if we could ignore those roaring sounds and heavy motorbikes. This would be beneficial for us as well as for our coming generations.
    But at a first glance, I think that it looks like that the company has added some eco-friendly tires to a dirt-bike. To add to this, I think that it is quite overpriced for an electric motorbike.
    It should be a “bike for the youth” then only it would get attention.
    That’s what I think ….

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