eBay, a California based company, is working on new plans to revive its competitive position. eBay was the dominant auction site couple of years back. Amazon.com took the position of eBay and smashed its worth.

Now eBay has come up with new plans in order to retain its position. It has planned to give 50 free listing to all the consumers. This option will be valid from April. A part from this, it has also planned to lessen the commission charges on the items to be sold. It means eBay will only charge a small part of fee and will dismiss the fee on the list that it added few months ago. It will be applied from July 2011.

eBay has planned to add such offerings, to attract the customers. eBay has also suggested the merchants to offer free of cost shipping to customers. Vice President of eBay Todd Lutwak said “We think these changes will really improve the marketplace for both buyers and sellers. We are listening to our customers. We are trying to understand their needs”. This statement reflects that eBay is very much serious to maintain its strategic position and goodwill among customers.

Let’s see eBay will succeed to retain its position or not. Amazon.com is the most trusted on-line retailer globally. Buyers and sellers both trust Amazon.com in the matters of transaction. Hence, eBay need to work hard on the marketing plans and promotional offerings to retain its customers and win more users.

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