Apple’s 27-inch iMacs

Apple has announced the launch of its new 27-inch iMac with lots of claims of good quality, LED backlit disp1ays and many more. In no time the purchase has exceeded to a very huge rate. The whole scene turns into a climax when the complaints start arising from the purchasers.

 sPhoto by TilneyShane

The customers are complaining of the bad or incredibly slow flash video playback. People are also claiming of it to be a bug forcing the hard drive to spin down, a corrupted Snow Leopard builds pre-installed or just bad permissions.

People annoyance is also increasing because Apple is still quite and they are not giving any solid reason for the cause.

Whatever the problem will be the main point of focus is that these complaints are affecting Apple’s status in the international market. The problem with this issue is also that it is not affecting all machines and that could be the main reason: why Apple is having problem to root out the cause. But all the experts are still keeping their fingers crossed with a hope that Apple with soon come out with some reasonable solution to this problem.

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