As a people, we car owners rely too much on our mechanics. Yes, we need to make most fixes, car replacements, and to have our autos regularly serviced. But too many of us think that’s all it takes to take care of a car. You should be making more of an effort to contribute the maintenance and the good health of the car yourself, and here’s why.

It’s safer

Most important of all is the safety of the car, as shown at For instance, neglecting to change your brake pads can be truly dangerous. The warning sign that your brake pads are done is a metallic screeching sound when you push the brakes. Faulty brake pads mean that your car doesn’t break as efficiently. You can only imagine how dangerous that might be in a situation where you’re unexpectedly cut off or if someone runs onto the road unexpectedly. Working brakes mean that you have a little more time to react, which sometimes just what you need.

It keeps the car living longer

A lot of us end up selling our car and buying a replacement sooner than we have to. If you fail to make some replacements, it can end up doing lasting damage to the car. This is most true of the engine. Failing to change the spark plugs and the fluids, neglecting to fit new filters and check your coolant levels. These can all undermine the performance of the engine and even lead to fires. What’s more, they can make your car much less fuel efficient.

It’s a lot cheaper than a mechanic

As mentioned, you’re not looking to replace a mechanic by maintaining your vehicle, but you could save a lot of the money you might otherwise spend on them. First of all, you can save on the parts and equipment used to maintain the vehicle by buying directly from suppliers like If you perform more thorough checks and maintenance on the car yourself, you’re also much more likely to spot the warning signs of trouble under the hood early. The earlier you spot a problem that needs fixing, the less likely it is to further complicate into a costlier repair.

It’s easier than you think

You don’t have to be a total gearhead to take care of your own vehicle. We’ve taken a look at some of the easiest kinds of maintenance that most people can perform on their own cars. You may need to invest in some tools and work from the manual, most of which can easily be found online. But changing the brake pad, spark plugs, oil, even fixing paint scratches, flushing the radiator and rotating your tires are relatively easy to do. You just have to be willing to put the time in.

There’s more that all of us can do to help our car, help our wallets, and help our peace of mind. Take more time learning about your car and maintaining it. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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