iPad 2

iPad 2 is officially unveiled in an Apple Conference by the Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Company. iPad 2 will be available in both black and white color and is expected to come with hardware addition like front and rear facing cameras with 720p HD video recording features, new Apple’s face time video calling facility with other iPhones, iPad and Mac owners.

Apple has made few changes in the new iPad; original iPad was of 143.9 gram while iPad 2 is of 118.6 gram in weight and the display glass is 27% thinner than the original one, which makes it much more flexible. The display strength of ipad 2 has also increased a lot in compare to the original; when the pressure is applied to bend the display of iPad 2; it has the ability to hold up beating to a large extent.

The glass does not break unless a huge amount of force is applied to it as compare to the original iPad which was easily broken, so this is good news for owners of new iMachine. So overall iPad 2 has entered the market with all preparation.

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