What is it that determines which desktop are you going to buy? Before going out to get a new desktop, one must consider all the functions the desktop will have to perform. Usually, people are more into internet browsing, Microsoft Office processing, and checking electronic mails. This kind of functions can easily be performed by any of the desktop you get, as these are basic functions of a computer. But if one is into more complex functions, the desktop will have to be the one that facilitates such purposes.

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For digital video editing or management of huge databases, one will need a Power desktop. For gaming purposes, such desktop must be chosen that has nice graphics. Manufacture of gaming PCs has acquired the status of an industry these days; this is why there are nice gaming desktops available in the market in much lesser price than the top brands. Also, many dealers will allow one to upgrade the desktop with almost whatever feature one wants. One can pick a greater hard drive for more storage availability, choose a larger memory size e.g. 3 or 4 GB of RAM, selecting an optical drive that suits the needs best, etc.

Larger HDD and speedier processor are not the only factors that determine the quality of a desktop. There are certain other features that establish how functional a desktop is. Let us have a look at those factors:

1. Usual office chores and internet browsing is what almost every desktop is good at. But if more power is required, one must go for Intel Core 2 Duo processor instead of an AMD Athlon 64 X2 chip. Intel is a better competitor despite the fact that both chips are dual core, thus offering multitasking. If the requirement further touches power PC or gaming processor limit, then choices such as dual-core 2.93-GHz Core 2 Extreme X6800 or quad-core 3-GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX6850.

2. RAM determines how smoothly your PC can run while running multiple applications. Greater amount of memory makes your PC speedier, and its working smoother. Consider at least 2 GB RAM for nice performance.

3. A fresher motherboard will do a lot good to your PC. You will experience a new performance level with a nice new motherboard. Make sure you check the important and required ports and sockets.

4. Casing must simplify your tasks as well as give the desktop a little portability. One must leave room for expansion in future.

5. Give a good though to what kind of graphics do you need in your PC? Can you do well with a removable expansion board or do you need an integrated card?

6. Hard drive is another important factor. A little time ago, 60 and 80 GB hard drives were considered enough; but these days 200 – 500 GB is common. This depends solely upon the needs and requirements of user. Terabyte is a new comer in this field, but will cost you much.

7. Other important factors to be noticed include optical drive, communications, sound, keyboard, mouse, OS etc.

Some Tips:

  • Check out the warranty time period.
  • An OS, Antivirus software and an Office suite is necessary to purchase. Other software must not be purchased unless one requires.
  • Go for the desktop with front USB ports for handy connectivity.

This was a short account for important factors to keep in mind before and while buying a desktop PC. It depends upon your needs and requirements; analyze your wants and go for the one that suits you best.

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