For a quite sometime, iTunes has been serving as a two-edged sword for the entertainment and music industry. Is offers a model to sell digital music as well as it leaves an income gap in single sales dominance over album sales.

There is some relief that greeting the arrival of Apple’s coming iTunes Pass model with old hand Depeche Mode band that is recorded on EMI label. Just like previous Season Pass model iTunes that was launched during March 06 for downloading TV show, this new iTunes Pass allows the artists to sell an array of products for a nice flat price and offer them in a given time period.

Two specific singles are being offered by Depeche Mode to their fans to take the advantage of this program. Fans can sign up for it in just $19 that also includes pre-order for this album. The coming album is expected to release on April 21, and it will appear automatically in iTunes library with many other new music and tiles with the coming additional content.

This one is the subscription model of the album with this version that has been offered by many other artists during the past year. Instead of launching an album singly, now more and more artists seem to experiment with higher-priced bundles to those loyal fans that can pay for it. Dandy Warhols, Metallica, Josh Rouse and Kristin Hersh are some subscriptions that are being offered these days.

Written by “Aftab Bashir”

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