Dell teases with the new concept of the super thin Adamo XPS that was originally from the concept of Del Adamo notebook.

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It just went longer with time and could not be presented in a stylish way with all the programs and promised new appendages failing in certain ways. The hands-on to the laptop have shown that it was overpriced and not at all what should be expected through the Adamo XPS.

Dell’s fresh teaser campaign showcases the killer feature bang on and makes the model rather slim. It is not like Mac Book Air in terms of slimness and claims its new machine to be quite like the Adamo. The Mac Book Air has 19.3 mm at its most generous and thickened point. However the new Dell model is quite different compared to that.

Dell’s campaign will definitely reveal nuggets of information coming forth with days and weeks of progression. The Dell Adamo XPS bears the stamp of the Xtreme Performance System. This is a rather advanced feature that brings the best of high performance for the machine.

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