Storage solutions have become quite critical to the success of small and medium size businesses and therefore there is a growing demand for it. Recently, the Dell Storage SC4020 has been awarded the Most Valuable Product by ISMB. The new storage solution is based on the earlier SC8000 enterprise-class storage solutions and offer much more features and options than any other storage solutions in its class. One of the striking features of Dell Storage SC4020 is that it supports wide range of wide range of workloads for organizations that want serious performing piece of solution at an affordable price tag.

Real time data is certainly becoming important for businesses and Dell Storage SC4020 puts the high power IOPs and low latency that are required by business applications to complete the tasks each time. One of the reasons why Dell Storage stands out is because it offers auto tune option for maximum performance and also for cost saving. It also is FLASH-optimized to handle all affordable all-flash or hybrid SSD/HDD deployments. It also gets award winning copilot system. Hence, Dell Storage SC4020 is an ideal option for stand-alone SANs or departmental/branch office deployments.

The system also has the capability to support distributed large scale growth. It is loaded with dual controllers, 24 internal drive slots and high performance Fibre Channel or iSCI network ports that cut down the overall cost of business. It also has Fast-Track disk optimization and automated tiering. With Dell Storage SC4020 you can be sure that you don’t have to worry when your organization grows because the system is capable to store, manage and leverage your data accordingly. It also has very low Recovery Point Objectives with recovery time of less than five minutes to ensure that your business continues without any interruption. The system comes with centralized support, product education and sales resources.

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