Many countries across the globe celebrate Data Privacy Day where they inform and educate people about their personal data rights and protection. In the world of internet it is really important to educate everybody about the importance of data privacy and there could be no better day to explain it than on Data Privacy Day. Google has a department for Data Privacy Product and Engineering and they decided to celebrate this day for the fourth time since it was first celebrated. Many people in Washington D.C. decided to spread the awareness about data privacy and to do that many top executives from top IT companies and agencies were present.

Many people from the Congress, Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Commerce and Industry came together to contribute their important conversations that were related to data privacy. This was really important because everybody had a chance to talk about what they think is good and bad about data privacy and how they can make this better. The conversation was called The Technology of Privacy: When Geeks Meets Wonks and it was joined by technologists on panel from Electronic Frontier Foundation and National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Google had also contributed on this Data Privacy Day and it was to create ways for the people to manage and protect their data in every possible way. Hence, Google has come up with tools like Google Dashboard, Ads Preferences Manager and encrypted search that allows people to display what they data they want to showcase. Recently, Google came up with an extension for Chrome which is known as Keep My Opt-Outs that enables users to keep out different ad tracking cookies that they don’t want. Google is also working on the two step verification process for advanced account security solution for the users to cover up problems like phishing and password compromise.

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