HTC Incredible S

HTC Incredible S is one more innovative and outstanding product after HTC Desire S and HTC Desire HD. HTC is a known name in the World of gadgets and it has maintained its image yet again. Incredible S is stylish phone with incredible features.

HD Video Recorder and Camera

Now you can save your precious moments because it has 8 Mp Camera and high definition video recorder; hence video lovers can record the outstanding videos because it offers the superb picture quality.

Weight and Display

Incredible S has 4” super LCD screen, now you can watch your favorite movies and browse internet easily. Its weight is 4.78 Ounces (including battery)

Android-The cutting-edge feature

The speed of HTC Incredible S is 1GHz that combines with its cutting-edge feature i.e. Android with HTC sense enables it to perform its best.

Memory and Battery

Incredible S has internal storage as 1.1 GB with RAM of 768MB. Most of the people remain more concerned about the battery of Cell-phone, if you have similar concern then no need to worry. The capacity of its battery is 1450 mAh and its talk time on WCDMA is up-to 380 minutes with stand by time up-to 370 hours, on GSM it is up-to 580 minutes with stand by time up-to 290-hours.

Internet Connectivity

HTC Incredible S offers you high-speed internet connectivity. On 3G, its download speed is 14.4 Mbps and 5.76 Mbps upload speed. You can enjoy the 114 Kbps downloading on GPRS and up-to 560 Kbps on EDGE. So, you can log-in to social networking websites and can also play your favorite games on line.

Maps that will save your time

If you want to search any location without wasting time, turn to maps. These maps will guide you to exact location. Now you can roam everywhere, don’t worry you will not lost anywhere.

Email accounts-All at one place

If you want to manage more than one e-mail account, HTC Incredible S provides you ease to merge them together all at one place so that you might not miss anyone. It provides a unique color-coding to these accounts so that you can sort them according to their importance. Hence you can access your in-coming and outgoing mail at one place with ease.

HTC Incredible S…………Phone with the Difference

Its HTC sense, innovative and high-tech features, all-together make it a Phone with the difference. Because it is simply….Incredible.

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