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Perhaps no one keeps their mobile phones with the default settings e.g. regarding the ringtone, wallpaper and widgets. Every one customizes their phone according to own taste and choice. In a way, these customized settings depict your personality and are a way to portray your inner self. You very well know how you look at a person with a loud and noisy tasteless ringtone, because it shows his/her personality. If you have an Android smartphone, you will surely want to customize it according to your taste and personality. I will give you some tips regarding customization of your ringtones, widgets and wallpapers.

1. Wallpaper:

Tired of the default wallpaper? Tap on your home screen and a menu will appear in front of you showing options as what to add to your home screen. Tap on the Wallpapers icon, and you will be taken to the wallpapers menu from where you can select any wallpaper of your own choice including photos that you took by yourself. You will see folders to choose from like Gallery (containing photos that you took with your phone camera), Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers.

If you want to embellish your display screen with conventional wallpapers that had been added in the phone by the company, choose one form the Wallpaper folder. If you want to decorate your home screen with a photo of your loved one, choose from the Gallery folder. Lastly, if you desire that your home screen does not look dead and still, then you can choose one from the Live Wallpapers folder where there are animated wallpapers. These animations will not give you the feeling of dead display; rather the ever moving objects will make you feel lively. Kindly notice that the option of Live Wallpapers only comes with Android 2.1 which runs only Google Nexus One yet.

2. Widgets:

Let’s talk about adding widgets to your home screen now. It is certainly not necessary that you stay happy and contented with the pre-installed default widgets showing on your display screen. There are times when one needs to add some other little apps to their home screen for instant access. Usually these apps are of vital importance to the owner regarding their business, work and studies. Once again tap on your home screen and go to Widgets option. Choose any widget of your own requirement and confirm it. This widget will now show on your home screen. Widgets like weather will use GPS and after locating you, will show the temperature of the city you are in. Also, you can search the Android Market for required apps and make them visible on your home screen in the same manner.

3. Ringtones:

How to customize your ringtones? Go to the Media option and hit Music icon. You will be provided with the songs that you have stored in your phone’s memory. Choose one from the list by tapping on it, and when the pop up media appears, choose Use as ringtone. Now your favourite song will be played whenever someone calls you.

These were few simple ways to customize your Android smartphone. By using these tips, you will be able to express your personality via wallpapers, widgets and ringtones being used on your phone.

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