Intel i7 processor for desktop is one of the best and fastest known processor in the world right now. It is made by using most advanced technologies of today. Its multi-core technology and intelligence enable it to utilize the i7 processing power to the areas where it is required most. It is really an unimaginable improvement to give excellent performance to PC.

You will be amazed to see the powerful multitasking applications in an i7 processor. Credit goes to the Intel® Hyper-Threading technology and Intel® Turbo Boost technology which is used in the new i7 processor which maximizes the performance of the PC. The quad-core processor of core i7 yields 8-threaded performance. You will only get the best performance output in anything you do with this processor.

The Core i7 processor provides fastest video editing, powerful games, or any activities on the computer and internet within no time. The processing speeds for these activities are approximately forty percent faster even without any increase in the consumption of power as compared to the past Intel processors.

It is a gift for the serious desktop users who are into gaming, video production, and music. The Turbo Boost technology which is used is unique and helps to meet the demands of the users by increasing the performance of the PC and effectively distributing the workloads. The multi threaded operations in the new Intel processor is enhanced and improved mainly because they use more sophisticated power control unit and a power gate transistor. The power saving technologies which was till date was available mainly in the notebooks is now present in Core i7 Intel based desktops.

Intel’s Quickpath technology allows the i7 processor to increase the transferring rate of bytes coming in and going out of the processor. For the excellent memory performance in any desktops, new Core i7 has 8 MB L3 cache along with 3 channels of 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM. Now Core i7 also allows experienced users to overclocking the chip’s speed.

The DX58SO board has been designed to release the power of new Intel Core i7 processors to deliver the support for the multi threading features, 3 channels DDR3 RAM as well as ATI CrossfireX technologies.

Now a day computing platform is needed for most of the PC games available such as Call of Duty, Far Cry2 and World at War. These games are well played in the platform which provides good multi-threading features and excellent graphics.

The settings for the timings of all memories are found in Memory Overrides section. One of the most interesting things is that you will able to unlock many options from this override section only by inserting the Core i7 965 CPU.

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  1. As the technology and the products grow,the processing power of the computer should also rise.Processors created 4 years ago is not able to withstand the load.So as the products grow,so has to the processors.Its the rule of change!!!!
    good luck Intel

  2. To withstand the growing needs of the customers, Intel has launched new Core i7 processors for desktop. I have read a lot about it in the newspapers, and I have realized that the powerful multitasking features would leave us with our mouth wide open. All credit goes to Intel’s “Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading Technology”. Latest Core i7 processor provides powerful gaming experience, fastest video editing and all sorts of activities on the internet and computer within no time.

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