Google Chrome browser is quickly becoming the rage amongst the geeks, since users all across the globe have started exploring its abilities. It has proven that it is equipped with all the functionalities and can do everything right from staying anonymous while browsing to reverting to a single process for all its tabs in order to conserve the resources. It can work in accordance to your fantasies since it can make the images on the screen twirl and dance around.

In case if you want to try out something extremely diverse, then you need to use all the modifications on the Chrome. All these creativities are created by the astonishingly fast V8 JavaScript engine. Right from the simplest parameters to the intricate ones, here are the coolest hacks to tame the Chrome.

Get more suggestions

There is a special URL search bar on the Google Chrome which is called the OmniBox, it automatically creates a pull down list of suggestions for all the matching websites. This is limited to only five sites per search by default; it comes across as being something pretty restrictive.

There is a way to increase the number of suggestions on the OmniBox. You can extend the number of suggestions based on your requirements.

Get rid of the surfing history

All the sites that you have visited will be shown in the browser’s OmniBox and this can cause a problem if you happen to share your computer with other people. You can simply clear the data and save your privacy. However, clearing up all the data will lead to clearing out the entire history, which might not be appropriate for other users. Another solution is that you could switch to the “anonymous” mode, to make sure that no search data is recorded.

There is a small utility called the Google Chrome Backup. This is for free and comes along with all the tools that allow you to create a backup of all the data that has been surfed on the internet.

RSS Feeds

One of the biggest disappointments when the Chrome was introduced in the market was that it did not include an RSS feed reader. Google smartly assumed that the net users would stick to the simple web based reader instead of looking for one on the Chrome. However, the new Chrome has incorporated an RSS feed section besides the bookmarking tab on the browser itself.

Read the “About” Pages of Chrome

if you ever need to know what’s going on with the inner most sections of the Chrome then you better be reading the “About” pages regularly. It contains all the recent developments in the browser as well as detailed information about the performance.

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