Are you bored of knowing the technology in the products these days? We have carefully developed a list of coolest gadgets which are not what they seem and are usually used to serve a hidden purpose. It’s best to keep such tips by yourself.

Pot Pourri Basket

Pot Pourri obviously smells very good in the morning but such a basket is equipped with the built in GSM transmitter and this device enables you to dial into this basket from anywhere in the world and can over hear conversations within four to five meters of the pot pourri basket and it comes with a caution that you must not leave it in the loo. This basket is compatible with O2 as well as Vodafone mobile networks in UK and merely needs AA batteries to run the device.


Its actually time for your technological fantasies to come true now and this device that is revealed at the technology that such a 3G phone in the watch enables you to talk in your wrist and walk around like an FBI professional. The most important feature includes the 3.6 cm touch screen display, Bluetooth and a MP3 player. The product should hit the markets by the end of 2009.

SpeakerCraft 600 RoxBox

Have you ever imagined listening to rock music from speakers that are shaped liked rocks? Well, the new Gizmo from SpeakerCraft comes in a variety of choices from sandstone to granite and it would surely complement any garden ambience. The speakers come with a 60W power handling and would make your barbeque party a huge success. The RoxBox is completely weatherproof and doesn’t get affected even if it rains.

Bamboo Boy

This device was initiated as a radio for kids, however Spycatcher had different plans. It replaced the small machine with something more security cautious. The radio now accompanies a video camera with a matching receiver and can allow you to check on what your kids are up to. You can even record their actions and this device has an operating range of 100m and can present excellent reception even if it is shot in utter darkness.

OmniMount Lift42

OmniMount Lift is an automatic life for your TV and can be placed in a drawer besides your bed. The lift can accommodate TVs from 37 inches to 42 inches and it extends the entire TV in merely 15 seconds. Even though expensive, it can surely impress anyone in one go.

MirrorMedia MM32T

It may simply appear like a simple mirror however, behind the glass there is a mere 32 inch display along with a Windows XP Pro computer which is in turn powered by a 1.3GHz Celeron processor by Intel. So now you can play your games or check your emails at the same time as you get ready. It can also be easily compatible with the Wi-Fi Ethernet with a wireless mouse and a keyboard.

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