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Apple’s new operating system called Mac OS X is one of the most popular operating system in the market today. Even it is very difficult for any Mac OS users to switch over to any other OS. It is really very easy to operate the Mac OS and new version of Mac OS X has also got very wonderful features over their past released versions. We will discuss few of those features here.

Desktop image

Leopards new look is just stunning; you will fall in love with your desktop image all over again. You will get cutter free workspace and even more than that. Leopard introduces a new feature called ‘Stacks’. Stack will help you to get fast access to folder of files. There is two premade stacks, one is dedicated for downloads and another one for documents. Isn’t it great to see that the files are automatically downloaded from Safari, iChat, and Mails? The other stack for document is a great place to keep things like presentations, spreadsheets, and word processing files. The best thing is that you can create lots of stacks just by dragging the folders to the right side of the Dock.

Quick look

Now you can even browse, play, view, and page through your files without even opening them using the feature called the Quick Look in Leopard. For example, you are flipping through files in the Finder but you not finding something specific which you are looking for and you do not even have time to open lots of files. In this case you can enter it in a Quick Look. It will give you a sneak peek of entire files and even multiple-page documents and video without even opening them. Quite easy right!

Time machine

Well, this again is a very good feature which keeps an up-to-date copy of everything on your Mac starting from digital photos, TV shows, movies, music, to your documents. In case you need anything, you can easily go back in time to recover it. To start this feature you need to connect an external drive (separately sold) to your Mac. It will ask you whether you want it to be your backup drive, and if you say yes, Time Machine takes care of everything else. Time Machine will keep the back up everything on your Mac, it is its default setting. But if you want certain files to be excluded you can do this as well by going to Time Machine preferences. Once you are in preferences, click Options, and then select the folders you wish to skip.


With fully new features the iChat can turns any video chat into an event. You can share the Video backdrops, Keynote presentations, Photo Booth effects, even movies on your Mac using iChat.


Leopard gives you a space features. You can simply do it by clicking the Spaces icon in the Dock. It will then prompt you to turn on the Spaces feature; you can then able to organize your spaces in practically no time.


Safari is known to be one of the fastest web browsers in today’s market. You will enjoy the less time it takes to load the pages. Just type a word into its Find banner below the Bookmarks Bar, and Safari will show you the number of matches. Also it will brightly highlight the matching terms while dimming the rest of the page.

Parental Controls

Parents want that their kids have a safe and happy experience on the computer. So here is a Leopards feature of parental controls which keeps an eye out even when you can’t. By doing a simple setup, you will able to manage, monitor, and control the time your kids spend on the Mac, the sites they visit, and the people they chat with. Cool!

Microsoft office standard 2007

Microsoft office standard 2007 applications are much easier to work with. Its extensive usability data and recent advancements in hardware and software is major update the company has launched so far after a decade. Major enhancement is done in the user interface areas

Uncluttered work space

A new release features a streamline and much uncluttered workspace in Microsoft Office Word 2007, Office Excel 2007, Office PowerPoint 2007, Office Outlook 2007, and Office Access 2007. It minimizes various distractions which let people to achieve the results more quickly and easily.


Ribbon is a feature which replaces the traditional menus in the Office Fluent UI. It is a device that presents commands organized into a set of tabs. The Home tab provides easy access to the most frequently used commands. Office Excel 2007 has a similar set of tabs that make sense for spreadsheet work including tabs for working with formulas, managing data, and reviewing. These tabs simplify accessing application features because they organize the commands in a way that corresponds directly to the tasks people perform in these applications.

Office Fluent UI

The Office Fluent user interface provides the Microsoft Office system into a single entry point in the UI through the Microsoft Office Button. It also offers two major advantages. It helps users find these valuable features and it also simplifies the core authoring scenarios by allowing the Ribbon to focus on creating great documents.


Galleries provide the users with a set of clear results to choose from when working on their document, spreadsheet, presentation, or Access database. However, the traditional dialog box interfaces are still available for those who want a greater degree of control over the result of the operation.

Live Preview

The new technology called ‘Live Preview’ shows the results of applying an editing or formatting change as the user moves the pointer over the results presented in a Gallery. This new, dynamic capability streamlines the process of laying out, editing, and formatting so users can create excellent results with less time and effort. These elements are just a few of the new technologies that combine to create the Office Fluent user interface.

Google Earth

Google Earth offers maps and satellite images for complex or pinpointed regional searches. It shows the satellite imageries of whole of our planet. It is useful for a general public to find out address and locations of restaurants, banks, parks, monuments by a single click. You can even zoom to a particular place to see clearer picture. It is really amazing to have it in your desktop. It is a great application tool from Google. Try it and Enjoy.

The new Google Earth 4.3 mainly features the following:

Photo realistic images

It shows most Photo-realistic buildings from cities around the world. It shows 3D buildings much faster and in more cities than it was showing in its previous releases.

Dawn and Dusk views

Dawn to dusk views with the Sunlight feature is just great. With Google Earth’s new Sunlight feature, you can watch the sunrise and sunset from anywhere. You will able to that by the help of a slider, just move the time slider to watch dusk, dawn and shadows move across the Earth.

Swoop navigation

A swoop navigation control is also a new feature added to Google Earth. By swoop navigation feature and controls you can even fly seamlessly through the landscapes. You will be able to swoop from outer space to street level and also leap from one building top to another.

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